AHA VPN:Unlimited Secure Proxy App Reviews

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amazing app

really works fine in any country :)

good service

am stiil happy with your service for now. i hope u keep it up.


i come for free tril more 3+

Program changes fast internet to Dial up mode.

This was my first vpn app. and it appears to do some of what it claims. It downloaded fast “with no issues” to hook onto my system of course….However, I wrote to customer support within 2 days asking a very simple question, as it does not seem to cover Canada. No response - 3 times. I tried over 3 emails to try prevent charges within the 7 day “free” trial, but instead they will unethically charge to make a profit. Very Seedy. It also appears there’s no one aiding this software, and it's running soley off a machine which is the scary part. There’s no human interaction or support all this time. Hello? My system went from top high end FAST speed to a crawling Dial-up mode which is the worse part of it all, and I do not even use the internet much... paying high costs to my internet provider to get this speed? I was greatly appalled to be waiting and waiting, just to even see a simple ad off craigslist! The photos won’t appear- 1/4 blank. Takes age, (like 10 yrs ago) dial up….and then on top - no customer support to communicate on any issue! The postive so far, is that the software appears to aid in protecting some privacy… however, at the dial-up service stage where you just want to give up using the computer altogether…waiting and waiting. Due to no-one around to assist from “AHA", I will need to move on to try other available competitive vpn apps. What a waste. Customer support/communication is critical, and sadly this one does not have any.


I never expcected it to work so well, but it’s an amazing application for your computer and other devices for your own, private VPN services.

Simple to use, quickly connected

no need to sign up

Good VPN

This VPN is easy to use and works well.

It is working okay but I can’t cancel pro subscription

On Trial period for only few hours, I dedcided that I don’t need this program. I could not stop the auto-renew! it says go to users setting and stop auto-renew. I could not find it and there is no easy way. There is no official website (it is wordpress). I hope I won’t be charged for this as the trial period is 7 days and I am on day 1 I need this to be resolved ASAP

works fine

Not very many server options, but fills my needs

only good in the beginning

one of the most fast vpn’s i’ve ever used with Mac. no issues and no bugs. I think the costumer rating must be 5 stars not 4/5 but what i want to say is that it’s worth downloading it. But there is a biiiiiiiiiig problem, and it’s that it stops working. i used it for one week and then suddenly it didn’t connect.

Latest verson works great

Love this app. My needs are limited, but because I live outside of the US, I have a need for a good VPN to connect to some US and Financial sites. The earlier version was kind of hit and miss on connections, but the latest version is awesome. Of course getting a better internet service helped some as well. For my current limited needs the free version is fine, but should I need a higher paid version I will definitely get theirs. The free version works for my very occasional need.

It’s great!

This is a great vpn app ever I’ve been through.

Easy to Use and fast

So easy to use, just downloaded the app and worked instantly, and its hassle free

Do not purchase this app.

I used this app during the free trial. When that ran out, I purchased it. After purchase I could no longer connect. I had to download a different VPN to connect.

not connecting

new mac, downloaded and installed the app, went for the pro and week trial……1st it is $1.99 a month, but during the subscription it changes to $4.99 a month. Then, ….there is no connection, all i get is server does not respond. ..wow….now i will go to find out how to end my subscription before i pay a cent for this "not working for me app"


Worked. Fast connected.

After update app stopped working

I have a subsription and after update of app it just stopped working. Unfortunately I’ll have to cancell subscription and delete this app because developers didn’t test updates before release them

Great VPN

Easy to use, connects fast. Simple and good design. Would recommend

Exceeds Expectations!

Clear understanding of what the function of the app does and how to enable the features that will best suit your needs. Couldn’t be happier!

Charged more than shown

this app shows 1 month for 1.99 or 12 for 9.99…. you actually get charged 9.99 or 24.99

it’s ok

Download is very fast Works immediately Can opne netflix to shows in that country But does not let you watch the shows netflix knows when you are using it

Great app

easy to use, great app!

Works perfectly!

works like a charm!!

Effortless and Very Handy

Smooth install, worked immediately without issue, and even the limited options available in the free version were more than enough to meet my needs. I am particularly a fan of the menu bar widget, which is super handy.


Awesome !!!!! The best ever!!


Works for me and i recommend it

Amazing Best Free VPN

Connects great, i dont lose connection, and dns leak proves it works

Great app!

Works right away once you open it. Easy to use: just pick location, turn on vpn and you are all set. Only wish it had more location (country) options.. Still highly recommend it!

Great connection, no issues at all!

Downloaded the App and worked immediately. No issues. Was able to connect right away. Have tried others, but this one really works. I would highly recommend it.

i like it

i like it alot, 30 day free trial

Works Great...

Downloaded this app yesterday and talk about easy to use? I just clicked to open the app and clicked to connect and I’m good to go. Connection speeds a very good but that would depend on your ISP and connection speed but so far so good.

Very good

Excellent VPN!

AHA VPN seems to work….

Don’t really know what’s going on under the hood, as it doesn’t show that I’m connected thru VPN when I open my browsers. There should be a flag that vpn is running someplace on the browser….

It is good VPN

I have used this app for a day and it looks great!

Good app!

Easy to download, and bypass the blocks!

funciona bien

buena app

So Far

I have just downloaded it, i was easy and so far no complaints. Will probably opt for the full package at the end of my trial.

pretty good

best app that i have used so far honestly.


Great app. Works great

Very Good

this app is working very well, I am able to bypass the blocks for now, hope it will still work day after tomorrow!

great so far

Easy to dowmload and so far does exactly what its supposed to do. I like the ability to turn it on and off.


the so far



Works as Advertised!

The title says it all. I needed something to get past the blocks set up at the high school I work at and it did the job wonderfully.

Free but limits your downloads!

It wont be usable for downloads! But for anything else its good!

good so far

The app has been working geat for the past two days i have had it. I am a little skeptical and think that it wil stop working soon.


I ran this on my MacBook Air. OS High Sierra 10.13.1 It erased my emails and my accounts all had “!” at the end of them. I turned AHA VPN off and it cleared the “!” But it erased the emails. I sent 2 emails thru the app secure proxy support, but have yet to get a response. I will wait to rate this app until when or if I get a fix for it. I never lost emails before putting this app on my system.

international calls

Good app for use with Skype where blocked

Great VPN all in all...

However I hate that all of the developers have to jump on the "100% free” bandwagon. I get that it ensures downloads but it’s misleading at best. There is no more such a thing as “free” vpn as “free wifi”. Even if u don’t technically pay, you f-ing pay believe it. Ain’t nothing free. Except when Trump grabs ur cat. He does that for free I guess.

Really useful

I have been using the app for a couple of weekes and have found it to be very useful.

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